My name is Joseph R.D. Michels and I am 24 full rotational orbits around the sun. I do my best to live an awed-shaped life. 5 senses with an urge to notice them, hopefully in places I have never been. Simply, the world is a playground, a beautiful/tragic (and so much inbetween) attraction. I am trying to live my life as a kid who has yet to conform to the world’s wishes by roaming free through that playground.

When I was 3 years old I was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was pretty sick growing up as a young kid, 3-12. I have a family and friends to thank for helping mold me into who I am and they continue to push me toward my dreams and goals. Those dreams and goals are to inspire and motivate anyone and everyone. To connect and leave impressions, to fill people with joy, and overall make even the tiniest of marks on this planet.

I believe stories are the best way to teach and learn lessons. I am expressing myself by telling my stories, whether they are past or present. Take from them what you want. Also, I want to learn from your stories, so speak up and I will listen.


Joey Michels

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