6 days!

As I slowly grow older, time continually caress’s me with its calmness, but sometimes bitter attitude. It’s all made up math and numbers, that time stuff is, anyways.

As you may know, I cancelled my first surgery to get a second opinion on whether or not I could get a Hip Resurfacing rather than the full Anthroplasty. Well, I never really got that second opinion. Instead, I spoke with the nurse for UWM’s Orthopedics dept. and got a couple of answers that were basically decision making period points. 1st that I couldn’t get in to see the ONE doctor that still did hip resurfacing until late August, thus pushing back my surgery until the likes of late Sept. Leaving a full heal period to be around Feb. of 2016. This was probably the biggest reasoning for the decision I made. I just can’t sit idle for 2 months to get fixed and then sit idle for a month and a half + a long period of not “full functionality”. That is SO much time. So much bitter waiting where I just want to go walking, hiking, or play disc golf. Also I don’t have a job or money, so that time is spent with no income, saving no money for future endeavors (whatever adventures they may be), and relying more on my family. The nurse also said that there was a high failure rate in the early patients for the procedure, therefore leaving the surgery not really performed anymore.

All in all, I made up my mind. I am growing stir crazy already with my hip. More than anything I want to be able to walk again without pain. I want to fill my days with action and be tired when night falls. A little more than a week ago I rescheduled my surgery in Oshkosh for the Total Hip Anthroplasty. Next Wed. (July 22nd) I will be going under the knife. Let’s hope nothing crazy happens or any of the small weird nuances occur. I don’t really want one leg to be shorter or continue to walk with a limp or anything. So, I believe in you Doctor Surgeon Human Construction Worker, make me whole and cyborg perfect!

I have also decided that I will begin writing a book. I mean, I am stir crazy now, I can’t imagine the future stir crazyness I will feel when the surgery is over. Therefore I must use my mind to keep sane by writing down my life, my views, my perceptions, travels or whatever else might bore someone. I am not sure if the book will be fruitful enough to be published, but we will see. I mean, would you read it?

One thought on “6 days!

  1. Good luck with your surgery Joey. I’m glad you’re getting it over with. I know you’ll do great with it. You got this!!
    June 1st was my surgery date & this week I was able to walk to my physical therapy appointment & back home again. And I’m an old lady.
    I promise you’ll be OK!
    And yes. I’d read it:)


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