My Sense for Someone’s 2 Cents

Today, I had it all set up to be under the knife at Mercy Medical Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Out with the old and in with the new… Instead, I am sitting at my mothers kitchen table, thinking.

I had met someone on my journey whom asked what kind of hip replacement I was getting. She then told me to research and make sure I knew what I was getting/what was best for me. Well, that sort of stuck with me and got me thinking.

I was going to be getting a Total Hip Replacement Anthroplasty. This is where they remove the femural head and insert a metal rod with a ball at the end into my femur. Then, they drill out my hip socket and cement in a new “cup”. They stitch it all up and voila! New hip.

But I am young and there are more recently approved surgeries, such as hip resurfacing. This is better for someone young and living an active lifestyle. With this surgery, the surgeon basically shaves the femural head and hip socket. Then, they resurface them with metal. This requires a longer healing process, but in the end you have more flexibility and the potential for it to last just as long as a THR. On top of that, when the resurfacing fails you can still get a THR and have it be 100% again. Whereas starting with a THR and then needing a new one (which is inevitable since I am so young) it becomes like 70% recovery.

Now, I am no Orthopedic Surgeon.

That can stand by itself. My surgeon in Oshkosh went through what he thought was best for me considering my history and the condition of my hip. He is probably right, too. Still, I am young and if I can get something that allows me to be more active, I want it. I AM ACTIVE! So, I am getting a second opinion at the University of Wisconsin Madison. I am pretty sure I will get the same response as before. It just is going to make me feel so much better having 2 people say I need a Total Hip Replacement rather than one. I am young, just trying not to make milksteaks as an appetizer on my plate of life (that, just… sorry, but I am not sorry for how much I enjoey that.)

Perhaps I am just a chicken? Though, I don’t think so. I just want to know what’s best and want what’s best for me. I have faith that before I turn 25 (July 31st) I will have something metal and new as a hip. Then, the road to recovery will be long and might have a book involved. Would ya read it?

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