Riders on the Storm

What is that?



Oh that? It’s a stormwall…



I’m pretty sure it’s following me…



It sure is gainging quickly….




Hide where you can…

After all of the building of electrical energies while riding through mountains in Europe… Watching thunderheads rise into the sky like the anvils for the hammers of gods… Exposed on the open roads of elevation… I reach the flats, where the storms gather speed like a fetch of wind on the water. The whipping wind, the sideways rain, the darkness, the sporadic hail all caught up to me and gave me a shower after another 6 or so days. It was intense. Easily the fiercest shower I have ever taken. What can I say? Sometimes Big Momma Earth just knows when you need that deep clean and for that I thank her!

I ended up spending the night with 6 canoers in a church clubs rooms? I am surprised at how fast some people can fall asleep… I had a mosquito buzzing off and on all around me. Normally, an easy problem to deal with, just turn on the light and put out it’s lights. I was in a room full of slumbering canoers, option out. Option two, endure. I tried… However, I loathe incessant buzzing… Couldn’t sleep.

When swatting aimlessly in the dark at my tireless intruder I felt something on my sleeping bag. It was wet and felt like a giant lugee… With the quick reflex’s of most humans when seeing a spider or bug I grabbed and flung whatever was nestling near my head. I heard it thwap against something…. Mind you, I spared no thought for my surroundings until after I had flung what I believe now to be a slug across a room. Pretty sure it ended up sharing the night with the three gentlemen to the left of me, somewhere on their tarp… Sorry guys!

It’s coming to a close! Feel free to make a donation to the Arthritis Foundation at the link below!


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