Part 1: What I’ve given up

What have I given up for this trial by error bicycle adventure lifestyle? Let me ramble down my pondering. Perhaps, you may be able to envisage your own adventures, albeit in the same or different way as mine.

Well, I will start with money. Money is what money says it could be if it wanted to buy itself a dress, a fancy car, and an airplane ride to mars. I had 10,800 dollars for college via AmeriCorps Education Awards… Instead of college (though some was spent on education) I used that for living expenses and eventually all of my trip. I could have stayed in college, busying myself with books and writing essays about Hemingway’s prose, but I choose the college of life. I will be, of course, returning to the United states broke.

“Safety” Are adventures safe? If you want them to be boring, then they very well could be… But, tearing down mountains at 40+ mph, cycling in thunderstorms on mountain tops, camping in the woods with demons, being somewhere you’ve never been, some could see as dangerous. Well, then perhaps I like things dangerous.

“Comfort” Do I sleep in a plush bed every night with a down comforter? No. Do I bike in the rain? Yes. Do I cycle endlessly, even though my body says no, until I find somewhere plausible to sleep? Yes. Do I sweat? More than you’d like to know. Do I shower regularly? Heavens, NO! I am dirty. I sleep on uneven ground. The days can be hot, long, wet, painful, aching, mind screwing, and so much more. Is it comfortable? I don’t think it would be for your average Joe… Good thing I do my best to be a little bit above average.

“Pain-free”. Let’s get real. I needed a hip replacement even before this journey started. My bad days heavily outweighed my good days on the 1-10 pain scale. If I stayed home, I could have gotten my surgery and been healed by now! I could be dancing on bar tops, playing disc golf, and going for endless walks on the beach. But, I am stubborn, and sometimes you just have to bare with pain, for a life of wonder and adventure.

This is Part 1. Part 2 will be coming once I have landed safe at home! If you are ready to give those things, perhaps travel by bicycle is for you. This is my way, cheap and Joey style. Of course, you can go from B&B to B&B and travel light… That’s not for me. Part 2 will be the opposite of this post, so prepare.

As of now, I am 9 days away from my departure out of Marco Polo. It is thunderstorming in the mountains, where I must go, of course. Thanks for reading!

Make a donation to the Arthritis Foundation at the link below!

Also, a big hello to everyone I have met recently! I have heard some interesting stories, had some fun nights, and cuddled with the cutest of kittens. Cheers!

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