Back/Forward to France!

Leaving Cuneo, Italy I got told to stop at the Tuesday Market in the historic district, so I did. Aimlessly cycling through crowds of wandering shoppers I rolled across a pizza stand.

“HEY, WANTA PIZZA?!” Bellowed the pizza truck guy.

“Well, um, maybe…” I responded.

Conversation began and it was merely 1 minute before the guy came out to ask if he could life my bike up and test its weight. I told the three people, 2 guys and 1 lady, that I had started cycling in Lisbon. The rest of the story involves a free sandwich of mozzarella and tomato on ciabotta. Also, some homemade wine to kick off the afternoon. – Good Italians number 1,2, and 3.

Traveling outside of Cuneo, I was racing at the pawing claws of a storm cloud. I stayed in front of it, mostly, until I thought about how much it would suck for it to hail on me. About a minute later a heard a crack on the ground. Then another. And another. I glanced toward a machine shop and did the hand motions of me wanting to go toward their sheltered safety. The hand motions responded with a yes. Just when I got in, the ice storm began! – 2 mechanics and 1 motorist = 6 good Italians.

I arrived in Sovena, Italy and passed 2 touring cyclists on the boardwalk while looking for the campground. I ended up crashing with in a closed bar on the beach. We didn’t break in, we just used the shelter outside for a place to sleep. Neither Italian, but both great people!

Today, we all three, cycled from Sovena to Genoa through the cold and the rain! It was cold… and very rainy… and windy… and cold. Sometimes you just cycle through the rain and wind because that’s what is needed to be done. Thanks Paul and Steffen for letting me accompany you.

Now that I am in Genoa, where next? Well, I have no idea about passes being open anywhere.. So Switzerland to Germany is a no. Slovenia is full of mountains and passes… No. Where do I go? While glancing at a google maps I saw some lines through the water to islands… Ohhhhhh Islands??? Corisca?! FRENCH POLYNESIA?! Well, I guess if I went there and cycled to Venice after it would be around a months worth. BOOM!

Tomorrow the ferry leaves at 10 p.m. from Genoa to Corsica. If you look at an Island and it’s all green on a map… I must go. Perhaps I will even meet back up with Paul in Florence and cycle with him to Venice. Who knows what life may bring! Island life baby!

Give a donation to the Arthritis Foundation if you so desire! They rock and helped me become whom I am! Check the link below!

Paul, Steffen and I in our ocean wave crashing camping spot!

Paul, Steffen and I in our ocean wave crashing camping spot!

Biking in a castle in Sevona!

Biking in a castle in Sevona!



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