Lone Wolf or Just a Beach Bum?

I quietly spoke goodnight to Matt knowing that when I awoke he’d probably be defying gravity in a giant metal missile we call airplanes. That morning was a weird one. I ate breakfast quietly by myself. I packed my bags without the sounds of other packing bags. I cursed carrying my bicycle up some stairs, only to hear no cursing behind me. It dawned on me that this trip may become more quiet and peaceful in the days to come. Without Matt, I feel awkward doing our shared impressions, as I am sharing them with no one. I just don’t have to wake up to Matt farting anymore, and that is a plus, butt it was always worth a laugh.

Every inch of road I cycle, every bit of sand I crunch, every glare off of the Mediterranean, every smile I receive, every smell on every breeze, and every pain I feel are now mine. That is, of course, until I share them with you. I feel liberated and at so much of an ease that I’m almost weightless. I am my own machine, wondrous of myself, gaining intangible momentum. It is as if I am now on the Camino de Santiago, though off the path I stray. tumbling forward in awe of the world, creating my own pathway. A pathway that is both on a map and deep into my soul, heart, and persona.

I would like to thank Pep and family for graciously hosting me last night. I would have liked to hear more of the stories, but I can read about them! Thanks so much.

If you want to know where I am, somewhere North of Barcelona. Where I am going? I honestly couldn’t tell you. What are my plans? Be free, be calm, collect the world, its images and people, and stow them away in myself. Change, grow, and become so much more.

As usual, thanks for reading. Leave a comment, share, repost, tweet this thang, instasnapchatgram it, and make it viral or something. If you care enough please donate to the arthritis foundation at the link below! Without the things they’ve done for me, I wouldn’t be who I am today.





Always cross the bridge

Always cross the bridge





One thought on “Lone Wolf or Just a Beach Bum?

  1. You are amazing, and I will worry, but I know that where you are right now in this moment in time is where you are supposed to be. Drink it all in, absorb, and then redistribute!


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