Matt’s end and the beginning of the Lone Wolf.

Sunlight glittered off the green blue Mediterranean waters as we followed the coast on our way to Barcelona. Could it be a better day? We climbed along the coastline knowing that eventually we would get our descent. Though, climbing doesn’t matter much when you are cycling through a landscape you’d imagine in dreams. Time hadn’t seemed like it had passed as we reached the top of the climb and the descent routed before us along the rugged coastline. Time to feel the breeze breeze by.

There is a glee you feel when your efforts are rewarded with a something you love, in this scenario, going fast downhill along on a gorgeous road. Smiles written on our faces like a best selling novel, again what could go wrong? As we approached a 30 kilometer turn, Matt in the lead position, my bike at a lean like the world was toppling over and it happens… I round the corner and see Matt clipped out of his pedals hurdling toward the pavement, bike sideways, shocked expression across his furry face. I dodged Matt, as I was approaching at a fast speed, and came to a sudden stop. Matt was already standing, adrenaline probably coursing his veins as if he had just jumped out of an airplane for the first time.

We pull his bike out of the center of the road and begin going over if Matt is okay. His wrist hurt, his left side had some gnarly road rash, but he was alive and kicking and that’s the important part. He was alright, alright enough to calm down and discuss what had happened. Apparently in the turn he had his pedal on the downside and it hit the pavement causing him to crash into the pavement at 25 mph. He was okay, so we got back on our bikes.

Not much long after, the pain came in for Matt as his adrenaline began to fade. He couldn’t use his left wrist and we needed to put it into a sling with my flannel. We also wrapped it with a shirt for compression. At this point, he was thinking his wrist was broken. However, that didn’t stop him from cycling another 20 kilometers to Barcelona. If you think you’re hardcore, wait until you crash your bike, then cycle another 20 km. If you can manage that, I’d consider you Matt Hardcore.

This happened on Monday and it is now Tuesday night. Today Matt and I went to the hospital and he got some non conclusive X-rays, more or less leading toward his wrist being not broken. However, he got a temporary cast and was told to return to the doctor in 10 days for another check up. Sadly, he has decided he cannot continue. I don’t blame him at all. Cycling on bumpy roads with a maybe broken wrist, jarring on crack, and unable to hold onto the handlebars? Yes, it makes sense that his journey is over. I believe he will be flying out of Barcelona on Thursday morning, leaving me to continue as the lone wolf.

I cannot express my gratitude for the friendship and willingness of young Matthew. If you ever have the opportunity to travel with this human, do it, you won’t be disappointed. He is one of a kind and I am sad he is leaving, but the road goes on and it beckons me forward. What might happen, where might I end up, what pleasures and dangers lay ahead are now solely mind to discover. As the lone wolf hear my howl.

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California, Spain

California, Spain

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What a road!

What a road!

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Matt and I shook on me giving him a haircut...

Matt and I shook on me giving him a haircut…

Might I introduce

Might I introduce


The Mullet Hawk

The Mullet Hawk

One thought on “Matt’s end and the beginning of the Lone Wolf.

  1. I m sad to read about his departure, but it makes you a better poet! Travelling alone is another journey. I am sorry for Matt as I can imagine all the dispair it could represent.
    What a haircut to come back home. So still not in France.. Enjoy the beaches’de la costa del sol:) take care and s hi to the frenchies///

    Ps: thanks for the notification in warmshower, i ll find time to give mine:)


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