Hello and Ola,

Matt and I find ourselves in Burgos, Spain. We are sitting at a Cafe and waiting to meet our warmshowers host for the night at the usual spanish meeting place, the Cathedral. Let me quickly tell you what is up and what is down. The sky, the ground.

First and foremost, the demons sounds in the woods our first night in Spain were none other than a boar! We admit that we were terrified and ready to climb trees for safety. Since then, we have watched videos on how to defend ourselves against demon boar attacks. We are prepared.

Leon, you were great, a lot in part due to our warmshowers host Hadrien and his friends. We casually met up at the Cathedral and began to enjoy our time in Leon. Everything from our bike gang cruising the streets, slack-line futbol, casual gatherings of and French students studying in Spain too dipping churros in molten chocolate. Life is already fantastic and it’s insane that we, on this planet, are alive and can think. Then encounters of life happen, such as Leon, and living becomes a whirlwind of positivity, creation, and orange juice. Thanks Hadrien, can’t wait to follow your journey from France to Isreal!

Life always seems to be able to make a balance. Leaving Leon, Matt and I encountered our worst nightmares, HEADWINDS. We’ve complained before and we will again. It is hard to cycle into 15 mph constant headwinds with gusts up to 20-25 mph. It makes 60 kilometers seem like 120 and you go twice as slow. 6 hours for 60 kilometers. Do the math, that is slow. Yet, we are stubborn, battling our way forward with sheer will and stupidity. Our muscles ache, our minds reel with anger toward the wind gods, but we perservered. 2 days of cycling into headwinds exhausted us, but at the end of the day we found superb campsites along a river and an abandoned barn/building. This is what we signed up for, that is why we wear our anger toward the wind gods with smiles while passing by rolling Spanish countryside.

Today… Today was great. The wind was out of the South and we were headed East. We got to cycle with some cycling club, drafting down a long descent. Followed an Asian touring cyclist while he crushed into the wind and met a Swedish man who’s been crushing 100 kilometers a day by bike. We have a warmshowers host for the night and need showers. Fyi, there are a bunch of suited up people walking past us, it’s important we guess.

Thanks for reading! Share, follow, comment, and donate if you have the funds. If not, just be happy to be a human and smile at strangers today!


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