Boaring into Spain

Greetings readers, writers, bikers, and waffle makers,

Matthew and I have been adventuring in Spain, whilst I sit in Leon in Hadrian’s flat typing this blog. Spain has been good, demonic, and louder than Portugal. It is weird what a mountain range can change in a peoples. Nevertheless, Spain is a cup of wonderful that we are gulping down like lost desert travelers.

We will start off with a video of us arriving into Spain. Followed directly with a video of Matt and I in pure terror while we stealth camped our first night in Spain. Enjoy!

What has happened that won’t dull you? How can I put into words these experiences to allow ‘you’ the reader to relive them? I could write about the sounds, such as the wind hurdling past our smiling faces as purple mountain majesty looms all around us. Passing groups of people at cafes laughing loudly and jovially speaking in Spanish, not understandable to us. Clicks, pings, crunches, and groans of our bicycle steeds as we power them through time. Rustling of sleeping bag fabrics as Matt repositions in the early hours of the cool mornings.

How about the touch of life? The dull roar of undulating pain in my knees as we ascend further into the Spanish sky up quiet, curving roads. Sweat saturating my t-shirt cooling my skin as my wide open eyes scan the road for bumps on descents.

Sadly, this post is being cut short, Matt and I need to get on the road out of Leon!

Here are a few more videos

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