So it Begins

Greetings readers from the cosmos,

Albeit lost passports, cancelled plane tickets, delayed flights, missed connections, and eventually getting lost with Matt… We finally made it to the Hostel! Well, Matt had been here, so I should say I finally made it to the hostel! Now, with our powers combined, EARTH, WIND, WATER, FIRE, HEART, the adventure begins.

It’s a sunny day and Matt is making noodles with OJ, spinach, cheese, and bread. After an awkward, yet not unusual, unusual lunch, Matt and I will be gearing up to get lost in Lisboa! We are charging phones and cameras. We are drinking copious amounts of coffee. We are prepared to drink life up like our straw is reaching into every milkshake! So be warned, beware, what comes next… We’ve no idea. We’ll keep you posted, though. So follow along and live vicariously through us.

If you’re feeling generous today, make a donation to the Arthritis Foundation. I am sad to announce that my efforts of raising money specifically for sending kids to Juvenile Arthritis camps is not happening. Instead, I am the adult honoree for Milwuakee’s Walk to Cure Arthritis! The money raised will go to things  such as arthritis summer camps, the Juvenile Arthritis Conference, Arthritis Family Fun Days, and other events hosted by the Arthritis Foundation. So, if you’ve an extra five dollars, feel free to donate it to my cause!

Follow, share, comment, and go for a bike ride yourself. We also want to start an ambiguous treasure/scavenger hunt. So comment on anything you’d like us to find… Such as, Where the rainbow meets the mountain, the largest hot dog, a crash of gentlemen… anything that we could possible translate, we will find in some sort of way! We want to get a list started! So post your ideas!

Cheers ya’ll,

Joey Michels

2 thoughts on “So it Begins

  1. Congrats on reaching your destination. The first thing I would like you to find is a Green Bay Packers shirt or jersey. I bet you can do it, you always seem to achieve your goals.


  2. Ooooo scavenger hunt! Add to your list, a purple rock, a doorway that even Matt is too tall to walk straight through, a giant chicken and a grouping of skittles.


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