Funny thing, Matt

Greetings mindful humanoids,

Matt explained what happened with my passport business pretty darn-tootin well. Funny thing, Matt, while you have been lazing about for 10 Euros a day in Portugal, business Stateside has been dwindling to near rock bottom!

All is good, all is well, I am going to Portugal tomorrow (my mantra last night). After driving Matt to Chicago, I got all the things ready to get my new Passport rushed to me so I could leave. I drove a total of 10 hours on Wed., but at the end, I had my passport, a bike in a box, a bed to sleep for another minor 5 hours, a SUV to transport my failing self to an airport, and a brother to drive that failing self to an airport. So let’s get things started!

Arrive at O’hare and its 120 mins before my flight. Get out to find I can’t find my boarding pass with the ticket locater. Then, some US Airways lady tells me I’m in the wrong area, so I drag my bike to the International Terminal. I get there to find NO ONE at the British Airways terminal and still can’t locate a boarding pass with the machines. In the midst of this, my brother texts me to say that I got an email saying my ticket has been cancelled… WHAT! So, I call mom and put her to work on it. My ticket was cancelled because I have a temporary debit card (because US Bank couldn’t get my new one to me, even though they had two weeks).

BOOM! Now, this nice gentleman tells me that my flight is leaving out of American Airlines (the terminal I was originally at). So, I DRAG, again, my bike back to where I once was. I get there, and have a chat with the nice lady who tells me I dont have a ticket and at this point I am to late to even get my ticket if I were to have one. BOOM! NO FLIGHT ONCE AGAIN!

At this point, my mom has been frantically trying to buy me the same ticket, though it’s gone up in price. After some issues, the ticket gets left unpurchased. Thus, I sat at O’hare wondering if I would ever make it to Portugal. I put on my new sunglasses to hide my confused and emotional eyes from all the looks I was getting (If you ever want people to wonder about you, drag around a big box).

I figured I’d go and buy a plane ticket from the lady at the desk, see if I can just get the flight leaving for tonight at 10 pm. Everything was going dandy, until she told me it would cost me $3,500! HAHAHA I know I wear rich suits, stink of fine leather, and speak 11 languages, but I won’t pay that absurd amount of money… Back to the drawing boards!

After extensive online searching, a ticket comes up that is purchasable for tomorrow at 10 p.m.! Great, I just have 36 hours left to sit at this airport, travel exhausted, auto-immune, but at least I have my juggling balls… Well, I went and asked about hotels, I figured they might be better than the smooth stone of airport walkways.

Now, after a lot of awkward phone calls and missed reservations, I am sitting at the Marriott O’hare using their free lobby wifi. My plane is scheduled to leave tomorrow, I am taking bets now to see if I get on it! You know, I am pretty terrible at traveling to Europe… Usually, travel is easy. Now… My opinions on the matter have changed. I thought Europe would be trouble! BUT NO! First things first, I had to get my game on to get to Europe! However, the game is nearing a close. I’m still dead tired, but at least I’m about to order a deep dish pizza after this, then sit in a hot tub.

Not to sure why all of this happened, it’s been a battle and it’s not over yet. Though, I am confident that tomorrow is the day! Portugal, HERE I COME!!!

Follow along for of my Soap-Opera lifestyle. Share, comment, and don’t forget to point and laugh! In the wisest of words, SMOOCHES AND FARTS!

Joey “Almost” Michels

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2 thoughts on “Funny thing, Matt

  1. Sheer willpower, dedication and an overwhelming commitment to once your mind is made up that is what you have to do is what Joey Michels is made of – forget about snakes and snails and puppy dog tails…

    Be safe, be smart and be sassy (both of you) but most of all enjoy every minute, even the difficult ones. It is the toughest times that we remember and learn so much from. Be well!


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