How to make a drum roll


One of my few posts, thus far, described a little bit about what preparations it takes to do a bicycle tour. It makes me chuckle to myself how very little I’ve prepared for this trip. Good thing Matt is a funny dog, because some people wouldn’t find it funny when discussing that our ride to the Chicago airport isn’t locked down yet. So far, we have plane tickets, passports, knowledge to put bikes back together, and two wells of anticipation that will dry up once we take off the tarmac; then refill with wonder once our tires become tireless. This says a lot about my personality, now that I think about it, and how not rolling with the punches will end up with me having a headache. I’ve said it a lot to people, how I’m an ideas man and not a planner.

You cannot plan a chance meeting, a stranger’s tears, or a sudden storm. When these things occur I find it best to loose the mind and dance the steps of the heart. True life and wild experiences happen OUTSIDE your comfort zone and cannot be “planned for”. Here’s a different angle: I can plan a trip where I ride my bicycle everyday and give elevator speeches about arthritis and my cause. But, that is just boring… That sounds like work… That sounds like a lake where you cannot go outside the swimming zone, but the far cliffs you can jump off. So, as far as plans go, I guess I have everything that matters… i.e. The plane tickets and passports and such. With all of that, it is just a boring plan. Everything else is what truly matters, the ideas part.

When someone asks me things about possible happenings I tend to get all antsy and reply with, “I don’t know”. It’s that simple. I have thousands of thoughts about what might happen on this trip, but I also have no idea. That just makes a load of sense (an ideas man, with no idea). You cannot make a detailed map of somewhere never explored, but you can dream of exploring with hopes of one day creating a map. I just have big dreams of exploring everywhere, thus I cannot plan it all for I would have such a headache.

Dawning realizations that my trip is so close is just putting me in a profound mood, I guess. I should have done a plenty of things that I have not, so goes my carefree manor. I really don’t know what to say without saying so much the world would drop a millimeter, that which seems dangerous. Export another post prior departure, but don’t plan on it.

Moey Jichels

P.s. If you care to, help me make sense, comment, share this, or keep thinking to yourself in confusion.

One thought on “How to make a drum roll

  1. Just for the record I thought jumping off those cliffs outside of the swim area was a bad idea. Good thing you follow the beat of your own drummer. Keep marching but stay safe.


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