Top of the pudding pie ya’ll,

One month and 10 days away until imminent airplane riding to places that Matthew and I have never been. Perhaps, in a new place, it is good to acquire certain skills. Even though the combined skills that we already possess could lead us to any possible outcome, mostly circus’s and wizardry, there is always more to learn in life. Best to try and get some hard skills down for today and for tomorrow.

I, Joey, went and got some basic bike mechanic skills from Attitude Sports ( of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Not only for this trans-euro bike tour will we there be the possibility of exploded bikes needing fixing, but we also need to learn how to put a bike into a box so it can come on the airplane ride with us! Attitude graciously helped with those skills as well.

Attitude’s Charlie (I don’t know your last name Charlie… I had trouble enough with the first name) was gracious enough to donate some time out if his day to teach me the mechanics I will need. We first started with removing a chain. That led to me purchasing a new chain because Washington state in September, October, November, and December is not good too bicycles. Then there was some quick lessons adjusting tension for derailleurs. Followed by adjusting and aligning brakes. Then it was the wonderful game of Bicycle Box Tetris which I hope I can remember come a month from now! Thanks a bunch Charlie and Attitude Sports! Also, a shout out to the owner of Attitude Dave Haase who is a Ultracyclist and inspiration for my distance cycling (He does his distance cycling really, really fast though and I do mine really, really slow).

So what do we got so far? Plane tickets, knowledge, boxes to tetris bicycles into, and devilishly good looks. I am still working on a donations page, hopefully that will be done by next week Sunday! Who cares what Matt and I want though… WHAT DO YOU WANT?! Want to hear Matt’s deepest and darkest secrets? Or how about my feelings of the early bird and his stomach of worms? Ask questions, leave comments, share this and a bite of that sandwich your eating. Not for us, but for you, because I am uninteresting and want your ideas.

P.S. Shout out to Sheila, she is the first to beat me on my cribbage board… 7-1. Dang, you got the skills, Shla.

Me in Victoria, B.C. with this old man.

Prior to playing, Sheila Babe Ruthing her inevitable win…

16 points to win, 16 point hand, first game goes to me!


I could use a shop like this one day…

Charlie from Attitude Sports and my bicycle!


Maintenance 101

One thought on “Maintenance 101

  1. Hey Joey! I’m excited for you guys to start your excellent adventure and look forward to following along vicariously via this page. Let me/us know if we can assist you with anything else.
    Charlie Wilson (Attitude Sports)

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